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Computer Business Solutions is offering two titles, OfficeShield, an employee productivity and security solution and KidsWatch, a 2006-2011 Award Winning Internet Safety and Parental Control software package. More information associated with these titles is listed below. OfficeShield, OfficeShield increases workforce productivity and eliminates security risks by monitoring and limiting personal use of company resources during business hours. Improve employee efficiency by keeping employees focused and on task, removing the distractions associated with the Internet. Comprehensive Employer Protection from Unauthorized Employee Computer and Internet Use • Filter Internet Access - limit to business centric genres, and choose from a comprehensive list of default • settings. • Eliminate security risks – spyware, malicious and infected sites, phishing attacks (identity theft) are identified • and blocked before the content is downloaded to your PC’s • Prevent or limit instant messaging and personal email • Remove legal liability by preventing unauthorized/unlicensed software installations • Prevent the download of music files or virus laden video files • Management Reporting: view computer activity reports, chat dialogs, web sites visited, programs used, • and when your employees logged into and off of the computer Easy to setup and maintain - setup in minutes by non-technical personnel • Centralized control panel with granular controls, set restrictions for individual employees or by group/ • department • Drag computer users into pre-defined profiles • Integrated into windows – users log into Windows as usual – filtering and controls enforced automatically An employee that spends just an hour a day using company resources for personal use will cost a company 12.5% in lost salary. Employees can spend part of their workday surfing the Internet, socializing via facebook, banking online, downloading and installing unauthorized software, writing personal emails, using chat or instant messaging services, going to news or sporting sites and shopping online. The time an employee spends being unproductive can add up quickly if they are not managed or supervised with the best interest of the company in mind. OfficeShield is an easy solution to monitoring all employee computer activities that can ultimately lead to restoring employee efficiency and productivity. OfficeShield runs in the background and does not require any difficult programming or router configurations. OfficeShield is the perfect solution to improve employee efficiency through the latest technology. KidsWatch, KidsWatch™ Family Protection Suite is your fastest and easiest solution to safeguard your children's Internet experience and maximize the efficiency of the time they spend on the computer. Parents can set computer usage time limits, by child; ensuring homework is a priority over: • Internet Chatting and Online Gaming • Social networking sites such as YouTube, facebook, adult sites and more With the knowledge and confidence that KidsWatch is protecting their children from the dangers of the Internet by… • Blocking access to dangerous and inappropriate web sites. • Alerting the parent immediately when a child steps outside the boundaries of safe surfing. KidsWatch™ will automatically send you e-mail alerts when your child enters or receives a suspect phrase or keyword from any chat conversation. You are alerted to inappropriate conver-sations, risky situations, child predators, conversations containing sex, suicide, drugs, guns and more. • Monitoring and reporting on chat activity KidsWatch™ is much more than the best-rated time management solution. It is loaded and preloaded with many optional benefits and features that improve the security and the quality of the Internet your children see. Installing KidsWatch™ on your computer is customizing the Internet, by child, the way you want your kids to experience and use it.

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