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Animal Repellents

Guard Alaska

Price: 34.97

Guard Alaska ultra hot bear pepper spray has proven so effective repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear! It is absolutely the most effective and powerful bear defense peppr spray available today. It is environmentally safe! Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances. The formula is scientifically proven superior, and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation. 260 grams. Range: Approximately 15-20 feet. Dimensions: 8-3/4? x 2? Optional Nylon Holster with metal Belt-Clip for only $13.77

Canine Repellent

Price: 13.97

EPA approved MaceTM Muzzle provides safe, effective and humane protection against canine attack. Ideal protection for walkers, joggers, cyclists or delivery people who fill a need to protect themselves from dogs.? Features flip-top safety cap. ? 17 gram unit sprays 8-10 feet. ? Contains 10 one second bursts. ? Velcro-like attachment can secure unit to bike or car.

Mace Bear Pepper Spray

Price: 33.77

Great news for true outdoor enthusiasts! Now you can protect yourself against possible bear attacks, with safe, humane Mace Bear Pepper Spray. This powerful Magnum Fogger sprays up to 30 feet! Empties in approximately 5.4 seconds for full effectiveness. Contains 260 grams and measures 8-3/4? x 2?. Optional Bear Spray Nylon Holster

Dog Chaser

Price: 17.97

Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the Dog Chaser produces a discomforting but not harmful, high frequency sound, audible to dogs but not to humans. Help stop the approach of unwanted dogs at up to 15 feet. Also, a useful aid in training dogs. (Requires 9 volt battery - Not included)

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Animal Repellents
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