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The Jacksonville Mall
Designed to be the lightest shoe on the market with Italian design and California comfort.
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FindTape.com - For All Your Adhesive Tape Needs


FindTape.com is an online retailer of adhesive tape products such as:
•gaffers tape including cable path
•duct tape including fluorescents and wide width duct tape patch
•double-sided tape including convention center carpet tape
•vinyl tapes including dance floor marley tape
•packaging tapes available in assorted colors including brown kraft paper tape
•reflective tape including conspicuity tape for truck trailers
•ATG tape for scrapbookers
•printable artist/console tape (also available in fluorescent colors)
•masking tapes including 60-day Razor Edge painters tape
•non-skid tapes including wide widths, cleats and strips
•surface protection tape for cars and bikes
•foam and felt tape
•barricade tape with legends such as "CAUTION" and "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS"
•athletic tapes including non-elastic, stretch, and hockey tapes
•fasteners including Velcro and 3M dual lock
•dispensers including carton sealing, ATG, and aisle/lane marking
•electrical tapes available in an assortment of colors (also wide-width premium electrical, Stretch & Seal, and friction tape)

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