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Designed to be the lightest shoe on the market with Italian design and California comfort.
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Green Products

Healthy CFL - the lightbulb wrapped around an air purifier.

UV Bulbs

Our eco-responsible, tech savvy products make clean and healthy living easier for families and businesses – all the while helping kids. Purely Products satisfies demand in the hottest segment of consumer products today; green-focused products that reduce the carbon footprint of the user including energy efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) lightbulbs that use 1/5 the energy of traditional lightbulbs while helping control pet dander and odor, smoke, dust mites and more; a handheld UV-C unit that kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces in 15 seconds; a beach-tech UV index monitor you hold in your palm to measure the sun’s intensity so you can protect your family; ionizer units you plug into your car, home, office, computer to boost mood and energy; and Purely offers what is recognized as the most comprehensive and best quality line of 100% quartz replacement UV-C bulbs on the market for consumer and industrial units used in pond, water, air, aquarium, hospital, research and many more categories. We believe in wildly happy customers and have a 100% Happy Guarantee. We love developing new innovative products in this high demand category - so there’s lots of reasons for customers to come back again and proven by our return customer and multiple purchase stats. We believe in giving back! A percentage of every Purely Products purchase supports the non-profit diaperLove, providing diapers to children in need. Sharing God's love one dry behind at a time. Right product. Right time. Right purpose.

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