Famous People born in Jacksonville, Florida
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Famous People that were born in Jacksonville, Florida

If you know of any other famous people in Jacksonville let us know. E-Mail us with the name, date of birth and the source you got it from.

Name Date of birth Famous For:
Sam Albert 23 June 1937 actor
Edward Anderson 1 July 1910 actor
Cheryl Bachman 18 November 1969 actress
Art Berry Sr. 25 August 1881 actor
Dickey Betts Dec 12, 1943 Rock singer, guitar
Gary U.S. Bonds (Gary Anderson) 6 June 1939 Rock Singer, actor
Pat Boone 1 June 1934 singer, actor
Corrine Brown November 11,1946 U.S. Congresswoman
Lee Brumagin 27 September 1980 actor
Cathy Burch of the Burch Sisters Dec 28, 1960 country singer
Charlene Burch of the Burch Sisters Sep 19, 1962 country singer
Cindy Burch of the Burch Sisters Aug 1, 1963 country singer
Jo Ann Campbell Jul 20, 1938 rock singer, songwriter
Judy Canova 1916 country singer
John Chaney 21 January 1932 actor
Richard Chaves 9 October 1951 actor
Vince Coleman 22 September 1960 actor
Allen Collins 19 July 1952 member of Lynyrd Skynyrd band ("Sweet Home Alabama")
Merian C. Cooper 24 October 1893 cinematographer, director, writer, producer
Blaine Cordner 21 August 1895 actor
Billy Daniels 12 September 1915 singer, actor
Patrika Darbo 6 April 1948 actress
Jackie Davis Dec 13, 1920 Jazz Organist
Rick Dees 14 March 1950 actor
George Dillon 1906 pullitzer prize winner
Fred Durst 20 August 1971 composer
David Duval 9 November 1971 actor
Mercedes Gilbert 26 July 1894 actress
Al Hall Mar 18, 1915 jazz musician, sax
Ruth Hall 29 December 1910 actress
Bob Hayes 20 December 1942 Olympic runner and actor
Wanda Hendrix actress
Eddie Hinton Jun 15, 1944 rock singer, guitar
Kenny Hodges Aug 3, 1936 Rock Bass player for "Spanky and our Gang" and "Johnny Tillotson"
David Holt 14 August 1927 actor
Leonard Jackson 7 February 1928 writer
Khan Jamal Jul 23, 1946 jazz vibraphone
James Weldon Johnson June 17, 1871 Author, Educator
Rosamond Johnson 11 August 1873 composer, writer
Sam Jones Nov 12, 1924 jazz cello, bass
Paula Kelly 21 October 1943 actress
Jon King 12 January 1963 actor
Name Date of birth Famous For:
Wendy Berrien Lawrence (Captain, USN) July 2, 1959 NASA Atronaut
SaRenna Lee 17 February 1973 actress
A.C. Lyles 17 May 1918 writer, producer
Johnnie Masters May 27, 1913 country singer
Owen Masters Feb 3, 1935 country singer
Scott McKenzie 1 October 1944 singer, actor
Rena Mero 8 August 1967 actress
Jason Murphy 7 July 1975 film production
Alice Nunn 10 October 1927 actress
Ruth Bryan Owen 1885 daughter of president William Jennings Bryan
Billy Powell 3 June 1952 member of Lynyrd Skynyrd band ("Sweet Home Alabama")
Marcus Roberts Sep 7, 1963 jazz composer, piano
Gary Rossington 4 December 1951 member of Lynyrd Skynyrd band ("Sweet Home Alabama")
Mark Ryan Oct 27, 1945 rock
Dorothy Shay 11 April 1921 actress
Jack Sheldon 30 November 1931 jazz singer, trumpet, actor
Warren Skeels 10 October 1975 writer, producer
Lynyrd Skynyrd 1965 rock
Rex Smith 19 September 1956 singer, rock, actor
Johnny Tillotson 20 April 1939 singer, actor
Charles Tolliver Mar 6, 1942 jazz trumpet
Helen Tracy 7 May 1850 actress
Andy Ussach 29 October 1975 actor
John Archibald Wheeler 1911 physicist
Leon Wilkeson 2 April 1952 member of Lynyrd Skynyrd band ("Sweet Home Alabama")
Wesley Wilson Oct 1, 1893 jazz musician
Ronnie Van Zant 15 January 1948 member of Lynyrd Skynyrd band ("Sweet Home Alabama")
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The preceeding information was retrieved from: Comptons Encylclopedia, Encylcopedia Brittanica, Star Seeker All Music

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