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Teaching English

Teach English Abroad

Earn money teaching English abroad - i-to-i paid teaching jobs

Who is i-to-i TEFL? • i-to-i TEFL is the world’s leading TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course provider • We provide classroom, online and combined (classroom and online) TEFL courses across the world, with classroom courses taking place within 13 countries (includes UK, USA, EU, AU, ZA and Far East) • We have trained more than 127,000 people since 1994 and have more than 250 years of combined TEFL experience across our staff, tutors and TEFL academics • We also provide Internships within China, Poland, Thailand and Vietnam, whereby consumers complete a TEFL course prior to taking a placement overseas with actual teaching experience Why Choose i-to-i TEFL? • We pioneered the 20hr weekend TEFL classroom course in 1994 and created the world’s first online TEFL course in 2001 • Our TEFL courses and Internships give people the opportunity to do something completely different with their lives, from starting a new career to funding travel or extending holidays/vacations abroad.

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